Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tunic & Leather Details

Newspaper cutout of the tunic template.

Tunic base cut out. (tunic folded in half)
Tunic with the interfacing sewn on. This will give the correct shape for Link's neckline.

Rough cut of the tunic. Shape more defined and sewed together.
Cutout of Link's hat. Yes, it looks like a demented slug.  It pretty much was.  I suggest making a LOT of templates out of newspaper first. Also, if you don't make it slug shaped, the seam won't lie correctly like Link's does.  Once the hat was finished I added some cotton stuffing to it.

Close up on detail of neckline. (This was my friends tunic)
To get the belts and leather straps to hold up and be able to support the weight of the sword, we cut up cereal boxes and taped them together.  These were then shoved inside the leather.

Suede laying out to dry.  All the pieces were died to the correct darker color with leather die.  The suede was turned inside out so it was smooth.  The darker circles on the belts are from the pieces covering the seams. (This is double of everything because we made two costumes; one for me and one for my friend)

For the gloves, I found old riding gloves at a thrift store and cut off the fingers and sewed them (a pain).  Fortunately, they were already the correct color.

Begining of the vambraces (they look really shiny for some reason).  The edging has not yet been put on.  I took 2 liter pop bottles and spray painted the inside (non shiny side) gray.  I then made a template for the size I wanted them to be and cut them out.  Inside the two edges I hotglued in velcro to keep them shut.  Later, the gray foam edging was added.

Finished Tunic, chainmail, and shirt!