Sunday, October 21, 2012

Leather Detail and Misc.

 ^ Bag on the belt

 ^ Larger bag, open
 ^ Large bag again, but inside out so you can see the seams of where it was sewn together.  Pencil for size comparison
 ^ Side view of loop to go on belt
 ^ They started out as full leather gloves I found, but cut off the finger ends and sewed them (see below)

^ Strap on sword that wraps around Link's side
 ^ The blue arrow points out where the button is (see below for reverse side).  The red arrow points to the slit left to turn the leather right side out again after sewing

Link to where I got the ears.  I love them! I believe I got the unpainted, and then put a thin layer of foundation in my skin color over the entire ear to "paint" it.  Once dry, I had no trouble with the color rubbing off.

Costume Details

^ Close up of hat and hair sewed in
 ^ Here you can see exactly where the hair is stitched in, as well as velcro to hold it to my actual hair

 ^ Underside of the shirt where the chain mail is sewed in.  It hangs out from underneath the tunic.

 ^ Closer view of the front of the tunic
 ^ Detail on the actual crochet stich, described in a previous post
 ^ The tunic turned inside out so you can see where the crochet sleeve is sewn in
 ^ Again, but closer up

 ^ This is the piece that pokes out on the front of the tunic, sewed in a slight V shape.  It has to be crocheted in that shape as well
 ^ Inside out view of slitting on side of tunic

^ Again with a pencil for size comparison

 ^ Close up of where the slit meets
 ^ Undershirt detail

 ^ The inside.  You can see where it has been folded over and sewn to give the nice slant Link has.  The button hole was from the original shirt design and unneeded, as the shirt was simply being modified.
 ^ Again with pencil for size comparison
^ Full "skirt" of chain mail sewed onto the bottom of the tan undershirt

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Master Sword Sheath Details

^ The orange shows where theres a cut through the sheath to allow the leather to thread through

 ^ Four layers of mat board to thicken up the raised point on the top of the sheath

 ^ Top of sheath
(Below) middle of sheath

 ^ Bottom of sheath
 ^ The back with the straps attached to hold it on
(Below) detail of the inside of the top of the sheath

Master Sword Details

^ Detail on handle of sword

^ The jewel was bought online and hot glued on.  The circle was clay formed around the handle and left to harden.  The ridges were made separately and glued on.

 ^ Two different shades of blue was used in painting to give it more shadow

(Below) This where the leather was wrapped around and glued together.  I put it on the side of the sword that faces my back in the sheath so it doesn't show